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Novosibirsk: Construction Workers Trashed their Building Site because of Delayed Pay

Novosibirsk transportation workers, teachers, construction workers and workers of other trades started to complain because of delays in payment of salary, which in particular cases exceed a month. To protest this, five individuals took to the crowbar. A brigade of … Continue reading

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Court of Murmansk: The Spraying of Toxic Substance in LGBT Organisation’s Office – not a Crime

The district court of Murmansk found the rejection to initiate criminal proceedings, dealing with an attack on an LGBT organisation’s community centre in which two persons were injured, to be lawful. The Lenin district court examined the LGBT activist’s, Violetta … Continue reading

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Survey: The Number of Poverty-Stricken Russian Citizens has Doubled

According to Russians, the number of Russian citizens living at the poverty line at the conclusion of 2015 continues to grow. This is evidenced by fresh statistics compiled by the All-Russia Centre for Public Opinion Research (VTsIOM) The segment of … Continue reading

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Patriarch Kirill Talks about the Situation of Torfjanka Park

The building of the temple in ‘Torfjanka’ park has been a major cause of dissatisfaction for local residents. There have been attempts at solving the problem with force, when strange people played the role of ‘defenders of the temple’, many … Continue reading

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Boys born on the Prophet’s Birthday in Chechnya received 50 000 rub. each

The authorities in Chechnya gave out 50 000 rub. to 65 families, which gave birth to boys on the holiday of Mawlid an-Nabi (Prophet Muhammed’s birthday), according to the Kavkazskiy Uzel newspaper. Many mass celebrations, mawlids, have been held in … Continue reading

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Back to the Middle Ages: How an Embryo became a Human

The topic of population growth in our country became quite important after the huge demographic hole of the 90’s – with Yeltsin in power nobody wanted to give birth, nobody felt that the situation would get any better, and with … Continue reading

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Former Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia says Women are Guilty

The former Chief Sanitary Officer of the Russian Federation, currently an aide to the Prime Minister, Gennadiy Onishchenko, declared that it is imperative to raise the retirement age for men, who do intellectual work. He also commented on the very … Continue reading

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Statement to the Public from the Striking Workers of OOO “ПДК” (EMEX)

To suppress the circulation of lies and disinformation. On December 22, a street press conference was organised by the striking workers in front of the warehouse of OOO “ПДК” (EMEX). The protesters read their statement to the clients, suppliers and … Continue reading

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