Back to the Middle Ages: How an Embryo became a Human

Abkhazia kartaThe topic of population growth in our country became quite important after the huge demographic hole of the 90’s – with Yeltsin in power nobody wanted to give birth, nobody felt that the situation would get any better, and with what money? In the new millennium, somehow it all became more stable; mortgage programs for young families came into existence, then baby bonuses for the second child… which appear to have become something similar to a gift from the merciful king, extended for a few more years.

The above-described state of affairs is muted by the screams of the freaks, Mizulina and Milonov, who go on about the killing of the individual by the name of ‘embryo’, which all seems quite comical. Presently, the government understands that neither Milonov’s initiative to illegalize abortions in 2012, nor Mizulina’s idea to have the government cruelly regulate the number of abortions this year did not find the support needed from their colleagues in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

Nevertheless, the movement is still alive. In Abkhazia, an unrecognized republic under Russian political influence, the parliament managed to ban abortions, even if – and that is the most tragic part of it – it threatens the health and life of the mother. For insubordination, a woman will be faced with a criminal sentence.

Deputies simply lack logic, “Children are the bastion and the future of every nation, a child is a continuation of the human stock, therefore, a continuation of the Abkhazian stock. According to the Constitution, the Abkhazian nation guarantees human rights as of birth”. Birth, not conception! Sirs, you are contradicting yourselves!

The most remarkable in all this is the initiative’s author’s biography. According to the website of the Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia, Said Kharaziya, bachelor in theology, during his studies at the Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox Liberal Arts University somehow managed to also take part in “diverse military operations to liberate the Kodori Valley”. It is hard to tell, what hindered him from receiving a diploma in bookkeeping in 1997 or at least from completing a master’s degree at the above-said institution, but, as we can see, such an education by no means hinders the ability to deal with, literally, the fates of persons while serving as deputy.

Naturally, nobody listened to the only woman in parliament, according to this source. Who cares about what she thinks when people can save so wonderfully on medical expenses? It doesn’t matter that mortality rates will soar from illegal abortions, since the deputies themselves don’t plan to give birth.

“We were not called upon to discuss, nobody has asked for the opinion of the country’s gynecologists. We would have explained the risks behind criminal abortions, which are done illegally, wrongly and in a late stage of the pregnancy”, says the Chief Obstetrician-Gynecologist of the republic, Rita Trapsh. We survey every woman. In the absolute majority of cases, they decide to make an abortion because they do not have the means to raise a child. The husband does not work, she does not work. We try to convince them to keep the fetus; we give them a week to think it over, but only a small percentage of women retreat from their decision”.

As it seems, the government of the republic is not intent on solving the economic problems of the general population. It is way easier to ban everything, bind all workers hand and foot, leaving them to survive in beggarly conditions, but with lots of children. And, of course, with the clearest conscience.

This initiative is becoming more impudent by the day and it is only a question of time when it will find new advocates in the Russian government. This is demonstrated by numerous shadow-sponsored organisations, whose activists glue stickers about the horrors of abortion; by the position of the clerics, who simply don’t know what progress and human rights are; and by killjoy deputies such as Mizulina and Milonov. Back to the Middle Ages!

It is great pity, that at the root of the questions of life and health of persons lies a banal economic reasoning sponsored by the capitalist State, aiming to squeeze out as much juice as possible from the working population. Also, a complete lack of consideration toward the rights and needs of women, which seeks to throw our society back to the order of the Middle Ages.



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This column was originally published on 23.12.2015 by RKSM (b) on their website.

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