Boys born on the Prophet’s Birthday in Chechnya received 50 000 rub. each

ramzan-kadyrovThe authorities in Chechnya gave out 50 000 rub. to 65 families, which gave birth to boys on the holiday of Mawlid an-Nabi (Prophet Muhammed’s birthday), according to the Kavkazskiy Uzel newspaper.

Many mass celebrations, mawlids, have been held in Chechnya for the prophet’s birthday, which this year was celebrated by Muslims on December 23.

In Islamic countries, the holiday Mawlid an-Nabi is traditionally celebrated on the twelfth day of the third month of the Islamic lunar calendar, Hijre. On this day, believers praise the prophet at the mawlids.

50 000 rub. given to families with newborn, were allocated by a regional public fund named after Axmat-haji Kadyrov, as per today’s announcement at the Ministry of healthcare of the republic.

“The money was given out on December 24 to every mother of a newborn boy, that is 65 people”, told a representative of the ministry on Friday to a correspondent of the Kavkazskij Uzel.

The aid to the families of the newborn was given out in person by the republic’s minister of healthcare, Shahid Axmadov, who made visits to their homes.

According to the employees of the ministry of healthcare, every mother and her newborn boy are feeling great.

“Most of the newborn were named Muhammed by their parents”, highlighted the public servant.

Last year, when Muhammed’s birthday was celebrated in January 2015, Chechen families with newborn boys, also received 50 000 rub. In 2014, those born on the prophet’s birthday received 1000 American dollars.



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Originally published on 25.12.2015 on the website of Although does not seem reliable, the veracity of this article was verified.

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