Former Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia says Women are Guilty

onishchenkoThe former Chief Sanitary Officer of the Russian Federation, currently an aide to the Prime Minister, Gennadiy Onishchenko, declared that it is imperative to raise the retirement age for men, who do intellectual work. He also commented on the very likely general raise of the pension age.

Gennadiy Onishchenko remarked that raising the retirement age for miners is not necessary. However, regarding those who do intellectual work, the assistant to the chairman of the RF government said, “I would have already raised it a long time ago to 65.” According to the former Chief Sanitary Officer of Russia, women can work as much as they want to.

“A woman – that is a particular biological organism, let’s not deal with them”, emphasized the assistant to the prime minister.

Onishchenko also stressed the high mortality rate of the male population. He is certain, that this is a result of “women care poorly for their husbands, they don’t discourage them from smoking, from drinking, men are suffering from an abnormal mortality rate”. “A man lives his entire life as a child”, he stated.

Let us remind you that the retirement pension is awarded to men at 60 and to women at 55. The Ministry of Finance has often raised the question of the necessity to raise the retirement age. Nevertheless, Vladimir Putin has spoken against this idea. He believes that the time to raise the pension age has not come yet.



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