Court of Murmansk: The Spraying of Toxic Substance in LGBT Organisation’s Office – not a Crime

murmansk lgbt attackThe district court of Murmansk found the rejection to initiate criminal proceedings, dealing with an attack on an LGBT organisation’s community centre in which two persons were injured, to be lawful.

The Lenin district court examined the LGBT activist’s, Violetta Grudina, complaint and recognized the rejection to open a criminal case as “legal, grounded and motivated”. The judge, Nina Mironenko considered that the victims’ health was not put in peril. Moreover, the court did not take into consideration the health professionals’ examination which concluded the opposite and disregarded the very fact that an assault took place.

The investigation conclusively rejected to follow through with criminal proceedings back in June. The reason was “the lack of elements of crime” in the spraying of an unknown poisonous substance in the office of the LGBT organisation ‘Maksimum’. One of the vicitms, Violetta Grudina, lodged a complaint in court regarding that decision. In her complaint, the activist remarked that as a result of the attack, she suffered from “physical pain, bodily injuries, poisoning with chemical substance and damage to her health”. Nevertheless, the investigation did not agree with her arguments.

“We will appeal the decision of the court. First, the court never evaluated the very fact that an assault took place. If we were to follow through with the logic of such a decision, the attack and the spraying of a poisonous substance in an enclosed space where people work, is in itself not a crime. The victims were fortunate to be in good health; they survived the attack and did not pass away. Secondly, the doctors concluded that my health was damaged, which was completely ignored by the court”, told the plaintiff, Violetta Grudina.

“From the very beginning, the police was very reluctant to investigate this crime”, says the lawyer of the Russian LGBT-network, Artyom Zimin. “Despite that we lodged official complaints regarding the police’s lack of action, and that Grudina met with the Human Rights’ Ombudsman, Aleksandr Patrikeyev, who promised his assistance to the ongoing investigation, the deadlines were never met. Furthermore, we have grounds to believe, that the investigation did not take all the necessary measures to investigate this case.”

Let us remind you, that in April, unidentified individuals assaulted an office of the Murmansk-based LGBT organisation ‘Maksimum’ and sprayed an unknown chemical substance inside. As a result of the attack, two persons showed signs of injury – whooping cough and vomit.



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Originally published on 25.12.2015 by the Российская ЛГБТ-Сеть platform.

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