Novosibirsk: Construction Workers Trashed their Building Site because of Delayed Pay

novosibirsk construction workersNovosibirsk transportation workers, teachers, construction workers and workers of other trades started to complain because of delays in payment of salary, which in particular cases exceed a month. To protest this, five individuals took to the crowbar.

A brigade of workers in Novosibirsk, responsible for deco work in a building for the contractor ООО ‘ЭСКаД’, destroyed their object, a health complex with an exercise room, a pool and saunas. They used shovels and stones. The smashed scaffolding damaged the neighbouring apartment building: glass windows were knocked out. According to eye witnesses, the chaos was caused by the delay in salary payment, informs the news portal ‘NGS. Novosti’.

“On first thought – an explosion, a terror attack. Then it became clear, that the smashing was intended. I carefully looked out the window, saw the pedestrians running away. I didn’t understand what was really happening; the chaos was on the other side. I learnt from the news: apparently, a workers’ riot”, told the journalists a retired woman, living in the building next door.

According to the security at the construction site, who chose to stay out of confrontation, it was the deed of five workers. He explained that the brigade was unhappy with the payment for its labour. He says that the workers haven’t worked for a long time and that the management had no concerns towards them. The team leader at the construction site told the television channel ‘Vesti Novosibirsk’, that the workers were wasted drunk at the end of their shift, for that reason their pay was to be withheld for two days. He declined to give more details of the event, mentioning the management’s ban. The angry workers’ colleagues acknowledged that there had been rumours among workers that there will be no payments before New Year’s.

This is not the first time in Novosibirsk, that toward the end of 2015, salary payment is withheld, explains the publication. In December, employees of ДЭУ № 6, responsible for snow removal, wrote an open letter to the mayor and the chief attorney of the oblast in regards to the withholding of hazard pay and bonuses as well as the delay in paying the salaries for November and December. Furthermore, teachers of two schools complained about deferrals up to one week. This makes people worry especially before the holiday season.

“This situation reminds me of the 90’s”, a teacher tells ‘NGS. Novosti’.

The mayor of Novosibirsk, Anatoliy Lokot’, commented on the situation with the teachers:

“During a meeting of the government, at which I was present, the governor said that there are certain difficulties, that the salary will be paid, but with a small delay.”

Experts consulted by the publication explain that the government subcontractors’ delays in salary payments can be explained by the low income tax collection rates from physical persons and corporations due to the fall in incomes in 2015. The economist Vladimir Klistorin explains that the situation in the neighbouring Transbaikal region is much worse for the same reason: there the deadlines for salary payment have been postponed by 30-40 days.

Dmitriy Gudkov, deputy in the State Duma, comments the situation from his Facebook account:

“Should you wait long for fire fighters who will throw a few logs into a burning house? They, too, did not get their pay. We can’t even imagine what hungry teachers will tell to hungry children – definitely not what’s written in any history textbook.”

He reminded of another Monday news headline: the segment of the Russian population which does not always have liquid income for food and clothing, according to the VTsIOM (All-Russia Centre for Public Opinion Research) survey, in 2015, grew from 22% to 39%.

“Maybe, we should despite all strive for reforms? Peace with the Occident, repeal of sanctions, pull away the Rotenbergs from the budget? Otherwise chaos will reign not only in Novosibirsk”, resumes the deputy.


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