Solidarity Campaign: Trade Union of the Mining and Refining Facility of Kachkanar Wins Wage Increase

KGOK trade union posterThe trade union of the Mining and Refining Facility of Kachkanar (KGOK) succeeded in getting the necessary changes in their collective agreement. On December 24, the document, favourable to both workers and the employer, was signed by the chairman of the KGOK trade union, Anatoliy Pyankov, and the managing director of the entreprise, Vladislav Zhukov. As the trade union activists note, the main achievement in the negotiations has been the remarkable increase of means to recompense the workers for their labour. On average, in 2016, each employee will receive an additional 54 000 rub. When taking into consideration the special vacation pay, which the trade union managed to negotiate, the sum increases to 87 000 rub.

The active phase of the struggle for a wage increase and better working conditions for the employees of KGOK lasted several weeks. In this time, the union managed to conclude a series of meetings with the management of the enterprise, to consult with the representatives of the Mining and Metallurgy Trade Union of Russia, mobilize around 800 persons for a demonstration and start off a solidarity campaign in which anyone could show their support for the workers’ demands.

“Literally, the administration received more than 100 letters in our support in a few days’ time, from people and whole organisations from around the country! I would like to thank everyone who helped us achieve fair conditions for the workers of KGOK by way of the newspaper Solidarnost’. Such cases showcase the speed and effectiveness at which the instruments of syndical unity can function”, Anatoliy Pyankov comments the achievements of the union.

The KGOK trade union thanks all of those, who responded to the solidarity campaign and sent us their letters of support! This agreement was reached not without your help.



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Originally published on 25.12.2015 on the news portal .

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