Literature Students Protested against Lectures Given by Dugin and Enteo

Litstudent LitInstituteOn Friday, December 25, a group of students of the A.M. Gor’kiy Literature Institute in Moscow conducted the first action of the campaign titled ‘For access to awareness, against conservative terror!’. The students demonstrated against the invitation of Aleksandr Dugin and Dmitriy Enteo to their institute for a series of guest lectures.

The declaration of the initiative-taking group of students and alumni of the Literature Institute was published on its Facebook campaign page.

Below the complete declaration:

In connexion to:

1) the recent repeated invitation of Aleksandr Dugin to conduct a guest lecture at the joint creative seminar (the first meeting with him occurred on 01.04.14 at the seminar given by O.A. Nikolayeva) and the invitation of Dmitriy Enteo, who published a photo of himself giving a speech at the Literature Institute on his Twitter account;

2) given that a number of employees at the Literature Institute use their statuses as lecturers and researchers for propaganda of interfaith and inter-ethnic intolerance, we consider it necessary to pressure the administration into answering our questions: who carries responsibility for the decision to invite any lecturer to the institute, and why do the teachers at our institution continue using their position at the university as a platform for propaganda?

Aleksandr Dugin has been relieved of his professorship at the Moscow State University (МГУ/MSU) after his xenophobic comments and calls to war and violence, made inside the walls of the University. When the leadership of the Russian State University for the Humanities (RGGU) invited the sciolist and conspiracy theorist Nikolay Starikov, students and professors united in expressing their disagreement, and achieved his resignation. Why is our unique institute, renowned for modern literature, becoming a playground for embarrassing and archaic war propaganda, xenophobia and religious fundamentalism?

We, a student and alumni initiative group, stand for the maximum diversity of ideas and esthetical positions, but consider the presence of individuals – who broadcast misanthropic views, that go against Paragraph 29 of the Constitution of RF regarding propaganda of ethnic and religious hatred – impermissible at the Literature Institute.

Our demands:

  1. Give the students the right to reject a lecturer/master or to put a stop to the lessons if he or she utters comments of sexist, xenophobic or other nature deemed offensive or hate-inciting.
  2. The participation of students in the decision-making process for the appointment of the personnel at the department of literature.
  3. Re-election of the Student Committee (Studsovet), which presently does not work in the interest of students.
  4. To organize in the nearest time a public meeting between the administration and the students to serve as a platform to ask all of these questions.



Translated from:

Article originally published on 26.12.2015 on the news platform .

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