Statement and Video: Solidarity with Political Prisoners in Novosibirsk

On December 21 and 27, in Novosibirsk, left-wing activists conducted actions of solidarity with political prisoners threatened with repression by the police state. Communists, anarchists and antifascists of the city stood up to defend Dmitriy Buchenkov, arrested in the case of May 6, as well as left-wing activists from Lipetsk, Aleksandr Kamnev and Yelena Bezrukova, who are being held in pre-trial detention.

The actions held served to demonstrate the readiness of the city’s left-wing organisations to work with one another and has shown that the problem of political prisoners in Russia is also a topic of interest for civilians.

The activists of RKSM (Российский коммунистический союз молодёжи – Russian Communist Union of Youth) and SAN (Союз анархистов Новосибирска – Union of Novosibirsk Anarchists) declared that in the future they will also be ready to assist comrades in legal hardship with other means, such as with media relations and financially.

Solidarity is stronger than chains!!!

Union of Novosibirsk Anarchists


Statement originally published on 30.12.2015 on the social media network .

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