Transbaikal Kray’s Budget Will Finance Mass Media that Promote Patriotic Views

chitaThe bill, which seeks to put aside 5-7 million rubles from the kray’s* budget to support mass media that spread propaganda about patriotism, healthy lifestyle and family values, will come into existence in the Transbaikal in 2016, as per the December 28 announcement on the official website of the region’s legislative assembly.

“It’s assumed that editorial offices of periodical printed media will receive government support under a number of conditions. Firstly, the publication must have existed less than five years, be socially-oriented, implement projects directed toward patriotic education, strengthening of the family institution, propaganda of a healthy lifestyle and more. Editorial offices are offered partial compensation through subsidies for their creative output”, as per the announcement.

According to the information of the legislative assembly, the bill was developed by a group which includes deputies, representatives of ministries and other interested departments, under the initiative of the Journalists’ Union.

Before the law will be enacted by the kray’s parliament, it must be approved by the governor, since the bill seeks to put aside 5-7 million rub.


*A type of administrative-territorial subject of Russia



Translated from:

Originally published on 28.12.2015 on the official public portal of Chita city, .


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