1.7 Billion Rub. To Be Spent in the Next 5 Years on the Patriotic Education of Russian Citizens

russian armyThe head of the Russian government, Dmitriy Medvedev, acknowledged the governmental program for the patriotic education of citizens of the Russian Federation for 2016-2020. In accordance with the document on the financing of the five-year program, more than 1.66 billion rubles will be put aside, including 1.574 billion rub. from the federal budget.

This money is sought to create a system of patriotic education for Russian citizens which would respond to “modern needs and tasks directed at the country’s development, as well as a structure of Russian society based on social growth”.

The document, published on the governmental website, underlines, that as a result of the implementation of the program, all Russian citizens shall experience e a higher interest in music, visual arts, humanities and natural sciences. The youth will experience a newly-found feeling of “pride, respect and admiration of the symbols of the State, respect toward historical sacred places and monuments of the Fatherland”.

A significant increase in the level of military-patriotic education of Russians is expected. This will lead to an increase in the prestige of service in the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies.

The document specifically highlights that in the next five years, the application of patriotic education among Russians will be held “under hard conditions of economic and geopolitical rivalry”.

The Federal Agency for Youth Affairs has been named as coordinator of the program, which will hand in yearly reports to the government of the RF concerning the sphere of patriotic education.



Translated from: http://www.rbc.ru/rbcfreenews/5687ee559a79474ae49841ea

Originally published on 01.01.2016 by РБК News on their website.


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