Governor of Samara Oblast Asked Residents to Lend Him Money

Николай_Меркушкин,_2014.jpeg“Right now, our budget lacks 20% in funds in order to go through with what was previously planned. In these conditions, the main principle of our budget politics must become the toughest economy and concentration of resources on priority projects. In January, we will return many times to this question. The budget will be particularly hard, particularly hard”, portrayed the situation Samara’s governor, Nikolay Merkushkin.

“We have a gigantic and practically unused resource – the residents’ personal savings. There are 660 billion rub. in this oblast’s bank deposits. That is more than five oblast-level budgets. This is the highest inside the Volga Federal District. Even higher than Tatarstan. More than Nizhniy Novgorod. How many more funds are, colloquially said, most likely located under the pillow, nobody knows and won’t tell. These mega funds do not go toward developing the Samara Oblast”, remarked the governor while he was reading out loud the announcement, which took almost 3 hours.
“Many remember the after-war years of obligation. I remember them, too. They kept them in matchboxes on their furnaces (?). Back then, the Zhigulyov Hydroelectric Plant was being built; it required obligations. And many other things. The country was in such a state… With the assistance of goal-oriented loans, the sharpest problems of the region can be solved. That is, the construction of water pipes, aerial lifts, bridges, organic product-recycling plants. Or even the ‘Gagarin Centre’…

We need to review all the mechanisms before February 1. What guarantees can we give people? How can we do all that? Identify concrete projects that will pay themselves off in the long run with a 100% guarantee that people will not lose their money. Of course, the money will be returned with interest, coupons and more”, pointed out to his subordinates Nikolay Merkushkin.

Impudence and stupidity simply pushes mister governor overboard, clearly even the Ponzi scheme laurels don’t leave him in peace. He wants to try something similar, but already using ‘legal means’.

Who in their own mind will attempt to give some ‘100% guarantees’ after the memorable default in the 90’s or today’s hold on retirement savings? We will not even start talking about the populist waffle about the ‘after-war obligations’. Soviet citizens lived under socialism and the Soviet power, which directed its means toward real needs and had real achievements, nothing like the current oligarchic, corrupt and treasury-emptying elite power in the Kremlin with their ‘fur coat stores’, children living in the West and mythical ‘import substitution’.

Article originally published on 29.12.2016 by the news portal Политштурм on .

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