Moscow Leads by the Number of Victims of Assault by Nationalists for 2015

fashisty v moskveIn 2015, 9 persons died and 68 were injured in 17 regions of Russia in attacks by ultra-right devotees. Moscow (Federal City) became the leading region for the number of attacks owing to xenophobia and ethnic intolerance.

According to the information received by ‘Interfaks’ from the human rights centre ‘Sova’, in Moscow for 2015, three persons were killed and 26 more were injured. In St. Petersburg, 3 were killed and 14 injured. There has also been a noticeable number of victims in Moscow oblast – 5; in Samara and Novosibirsk oblasts – 3 each.

According to the human rights activists’ data, most of last year’s victims of ultra-right attacks were migrants from Central Asia and Caucasus. According to ‘Sova’, among the victims there were LGBT and homeless.

In comparison to 2014, last year the number of crimes owing to nationalism and xenophobia decreased several times. Levada-tsentr assumes that xenophobia moved on to other domains. For example, as it was explained in the sociological centre, currently people tend to hate the USA and the EU countries.



Originally published on 04.01.2016 on antifascist news portal Streetmob.

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