Uzbekistan Border Patrol Assaulted Kyrgyz Citizens with Firearms, 1 Person Injured

uzbekistan kyrgyzstan incidentBishkek, January 10

The incident involving firearms took place at the Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan border according to the Kyrgyz Border Service, which made the announcement on January 10.

“An incident took place between military personnel of Uzbekistan and citizens of Kyrgyzstan in the area of Sary-Kopuro Aksyyskiy District of Dzhalal-Abadskaya Oblast (Kyrgyzstan) in a disputed border region”, was stated in the announcement. “According to preliminary information, four Kyrgyz citizens were trying to dismantle a water supply pipe which passes along the national border.”

The version of the Uzbek Border Service explains that the Uzbek patrol team that arrived on location demanded an immediate stop to the dismantling of the pipe; however, Kyrgyz civilians “started a row” with the servicemen. “During the incident, the border guards used firearms, as a result of which one Kyrgyz national was injured by a bullet”, states the document. “Presently, he is in care at the Namaganskaya City Hospital (Uzbekistan), his condition is satisfactory”.

The other three involved in the dismantling of the water supply system have been arrested by Kyrgyz border guards. “The representatives of the law-enforcement organs are conducting an investigative operation with regard to the detainees”, reported the Border Service. “Also, a meeting took place between the representatives of the Border Services of the two countries, at which the sides took the decision to conduct an investigation together”. Moreover, discussions are taking place to “return the injured” Kyrgyz citizen to his home country.

There have been no official reports regarding this incident from Tashkent.



Originally published on 10.01.2016 on Kurdistana Nûranî via .

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