Astakhov Suggests Creating Pensioner Patrols to Watch over Families

AstakhovThe organisation of such groups should be tasked to municipal governments, believes the Russian Federation President’s Attaché for Children’s Rights.

Pensioners could ensure the oversight of some families in order to prevent tragedies, said the RF President’s Attaché for Children’s Rights, Pavel Astakhov, live on Russkaya sluzhba novostey (Russian News Service).

‘Families would be kept under surveillance…. Patrols would be set up. We have great resources and if they were to be correctly mobilized, those pensioners that sit at home and simply don’t have anything to do would be organized into volunteer brigades, that would walk and simply keep watch over security, fire safety, etc. Actually, such a thing exists in the US”, remarked Astakhov.

According to him, the organisation of such brigades should be a municipal government task.

“You are responsible for people that live near you. If you are elected, then the people trust you, if the citizens of the municipality are the government, then you are responsible for them and their safety – so that they remain alive during these holidays” [sic], added Astakhov.

Earlier, it has come to our knowledge, that the RF President’s Attaché for Children’s Rights took responsibility for the death of children in Tatarstan. After this special case that took the life of six persons, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation initiated an investigation. The pre-investigative procedure was conducted by the regional section of the department.

Among the ashes, the rescuers discovered the bodies of five children and their mother. A family of eight lived in the burnt-down part of the house. The 47 year-old head of the family was taken to a hospital with burns on 75% of his body. Another child from the family in the night of January 8-9 was staying with relatives.

The fire took place in the village Staryy Kuvak of the Leningorskiy district of Tatarstan. The rescue team arrived on location 8 minutes later; however, the house was completely engulfed in the fire. It was impossible to enter the building and the firefighters were putting out the fire with four water hoses.



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