Stalin Has Become More Attractive for Russian Citizens

Stalin's photosRussian citizens’ admiration and support for the politics of Joseph Stalin has increased in the last years, writes Interfaks, citing the results of a Levada-centr survey.

34% of Russian Federation citizens believe that “regardless of the mistakes and vices that are attributed to Stalin, under his leadership our people has come victorious out of the Great Fatherland War.”

Every fifth Russian citizen is certain of the skill behind Stalin’s leadership. 12% believe that “our people will never be able to make ends meet without a leader of Stalin-style leader, earlier or later he will come and bring order”; however, 21% believe that Stalin was a “merciless, humanity-deprived tyrant who is to be blamed for the destruction of millions of innocent persons”. In 2007, this was believed by 29% of the participants.

1600 persons participated in the survey representing 137 municipalities in 48 regions of the Russian Federation.

Originally published on 13.01.2016 on the news portal Lentach.




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