Human Rights and Social Activists Call for Kadyrov’s Resignation

kadyrov nash

They were appalled by the words of the leader of Chechnya, who called the extra-systemic opposition ‘enemies of the people’ and appealed to take it to court for its subversive activities.

MOSCOW, January 18 – A group of human rights and social activists declared that the Chechen Republic’s leader’s, Ramzan Kadyrov’s, statement regarding the extra-systemic opposition is not permissible in a lawful state.

“Ramzan Kadyrov must be immediately relieved of his duties”, is to be read in a statement published on the website of the Congress of Intelligentsia.

It was signed by the human rights activists L’udmila Alekseyeva, Svetlana Gannushkina, Boris Al’tshuler, Igor’ Kal’apin, writers Vladimir Voynovich, L’udmila Ulitskaya and Marietta Chudakova, politician Leonid Gozman, historian Andrey Zubov, film director Vladimir Mirzoyev, journalist Dmitriy Muratov and others.

“The accusations of treason and the conduct of subversive activities only due to participation in peaceful socio-political activism carry the characteristics of a direct threat”, as per the statement.

“The threats coming from the head of the executive branch of the federal subject directed at a part of the civil society of Russia is not permissible not only on moral grounds but also in legal terms. It is normal for an opposition in a democratic society to be attentive to the shortcomings of the economic politics of the government and to criticize the power”, remark the authors.

“Through juridical and legislative documents of the USSR and the RF, as a legal successor to the USSR, millions of persons who previously had been accused of being enemies of the people, have been rehabilitated. This also is relevant to the hundreds of thousands members of the Nakh people (indigenous peoples of North Caucasus, i.e. Chechen, Ingush, etc.) and other oppressed peoples. For this reason, in the Russian legal and historical tradition the expression ‘enemy of the people’ is a deliberately threating accusation. This is even truer when such an accusation stands in the same sentence with the accusations of treason and subversive activities”, declared the social activists.

On January 12 during a meeting with journalists in Groznyy, Kadyrov called the extra-systemic opposition ‘enemies of the people’, and threatened to take its representatitves to court for subversive activities. “Persons, who have never been previously heard of, are bending over backwards in order to become famous for propping themselves against the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. The representatitves of the so-called extra-systemic opposition are trying to make a living of the complicated economic situation. Such persons must be regarded as the enemies of the people, as traitors. Nothing is holy for them”, declared Kadyrov on the eve of the Day of Russian press.

His statement was published in full on the website of the leader and the government of the Chechen Republic.

Kadyrov’s statement was subject to the criticism of the Presidential Soviet for Human Rights and by the Ombudsman for Human Rights in the RF, Ella Pamfilova.

The Ombudsman for Human Rights of the Chechen Republic, Nurdi Nuxazhiyev, previously announced that Ramzan Kadyrov’s words about the ‘enemies of the people’ only pertain to that part of the opposition which represents a threat to the national security of the Russian Federation.

On January 14, the website of the leader and government of Chechnya, published the Nuxazhiyev’s statement.

“I am sure that Ramzan Kadyrov’s words only pertain to that part of the opposition, the activities of which are financed from abroad and are directed toward the subversion of the socio-political situation in the country. Its representatives, given the strengthening of sanctions and the growing crisis, are tarnishing the power, subverting the trust of the people to the government, thereby consciously provoking destabilization and subverting the foundations of national security.”

The Ombudsman also called the comments in the mass media regarding Kadyrov’s declaration an ‘exaggeration’ and an ‘intensification of reality ([sic] condensation of paint)’.



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Originally published on 18.01.2016 on the news portal .

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