To Increase the Demographics, the Mufti of Stavropol’ Suggested to Allow Polygyny

mufti of stravropolMuhhamad-hadzhi Rahimov believes that since the Qur’an allows it, it should also be written into secular law.

The Mufti of Stavropol’, Muhammad-hadzhi Rahimov suggested to introduce polygyny into Russian society. The clergyman believes that such a measure may substantially better the demographic situation in our country and decrease the number of single women.

“Our kray, just like the rest of the country, is dealing with a complicated situation when it comes to the birth rate. I suggest to introduce polygyny not only for Muslims”, specified Muhhamad-hadzhi Rahimov to a reporter of the Komsomol’skaya Pravda na Severnom Kavkaze newspaper. “It is forbidden for Christians to have a second wife. However, Muslims often unofficially have second wifes, and it would not be a bad idea to give this a legal framework. The Qur’an permits us this, this should, therefore, also be given approval in secular law.”

According to Muhhamad-hadzhi Rahimov, the second marriage should also be rendered official by the Russian Register Office (ZAGS). The consent for a second wife should be given by the first wife of the man. A man wishing to get an extra wife, shall also be financially responsible for her and her children.

“We have many single muslim women”, told Rahimov. “Why shouldn’t they be given a chance at personal happiness?”



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Originally published on 22.01.2016 by Komsomol’skaya Pravda newspaper.


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