Regarding ICOR’s Four Resolutions

  1. 8Xhbn2xNa6U Regarding ICOR’s pact of solidarity with the Kurdish independence struggle.
  • We approve of this pact.
  • Our cooperation with the Kurdish movement and the spread of reactionary islamic currents among the Arabs does not justify ICOR’s lack of attention to the conditions and needs of the historical development of the Arab nation, which has been involved in a strong conflict with imperialism.
  • We fear that the ‘idea of an anti-ISIS coalition’ may be used demagogically by the imperialist powers and by those international organisations that cover them.
  • We agree with the highlighting of the importance of ICOR’s website and recognise that, factually, as it appears to us, it remains in a catastrophic state of negligence and requires improvements in order to serve its visitors.


  1. Regarding the resolution on Nepal.
  • We withhold from signing this resolution.
  • We do not see an urgent necessity to accept any constitution at any price. A constitution is only the legal codification of the correlation of class powers. Nepal’s real need is the victory of the new democratic and socialist powers. If, on the contrary, the constitution will record its defeat, this will not be considered a step forward. However, instead of analysing this struggle, the resolution unclearly refers to ‘separate interests’ of the parties, which they must ‘defend given the opportunity’. Yet the interests of the parties are class interests, bourgeois parties cannot defend them and the proletarian ones must not!
  • We fear that the clause against ‘regionalisation and fragmentation’ may put under question the peoples’ right of self-determination. Nepal is a multinational state with a plurality of languages and cultures. The threat of chauvinism in such countries is particularly great. Another example can be Sri-Lanka, where under the same pretenses of “American imperialism and Indian expansionism, aiming at weakening and diminishing the nation, sovereignty and the integrity of the country”, Singalese chauvinism was given space by the Janata Vimukti Peramuna (JVP), which was initially founded as a left-wing party.


  1. Regarding the resolution Denounce the criminal acts of Paris! (about the public reaction to the assassination of the staff of Charlie Hebdo).
  • We join this resolution.
  • Our proviso: we cannot witness the circumstances of the demonstrations in Paris on January 11.


  1. Regarding the Resolution on Genocide of the Armenians (100th anniversary).
  • We condemn the genocide of the Armenian nation in the Ottoman Empire and condemn the ethnic oppression in modern Turkey, but we refrain from signing this resolution.
  • The resolution contains excesses, which are acceptable for Turkish and Kurdish organisations in order to struggle against anti-Armenian chauvinism, but are undesirably disorienting for communists from other countries. We cast our doubts upon any special ‘right of return’ after many generations and doubt even more the idea of ‘compensating the Armenian government’.
  • From our own perspective, we condemn and seek to achieve official recognition at a federal level (such a recognition already exists in Adygea, Karachayevo-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria) of the Adygean (Cherkessian) genocide executed by the Tsarist regime in the years 1760-1864.

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Russian Maoist Party (RMP)


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