KPRF’s Central Committee’s Presidium’s Address to All Members, Allies and Party Supporters

kprf press serviceWe are publishing the Address of the Presidium of the KPRF CC to all KPRF members, allies and party supporters.

Zyuganov press

Zyuganov Gennadiy Alekseyevich

Chairman of KPRF, leader of the KPRF fraction in the RF’s Federal Duma



Dear Comrades!

On September 18 of this year, elections to the Federal Duma of the Russian Federation and to the local and regional institutions of the legislative and executive branches will take place.

These elections will take place against a background of deepening socioeconomic crisis, caused by the talentless politics of the currently-ruling gang. Despite the frankly failing results of these politics, the government intends to continue this political course with fanatical persistence, which is leading the masses to further impoverishment and Russia – to a national catastrophe.

Today, even those who not so long ago were mindlessly supporting the government have felt by peering into their own wallets and pockets, that these politics in no way suit their life interests. The salaries of public servants and military servicemen have been frozen. Pensioners’ 4% pension increase seems to be a blatant mockery against a background of unstoppable growth of prices in food, medicine and utilities sectors.

Teachers and doctors, who are being forced to work twice as much as before for a meager wage increase, are appalled. Small business is moaning under the unbearable yoke of a multitude of inspection and taxation institutions. Teamsters are on the verge of explosion as they are being skinned alive for quilt-like patching of the roads*.

The September elections offer a real opportunity for the people to express their disagreements with the politics of United Russia, to support the national-patriotic forces that are defending the interests of the overwhelming majority of our co-citizens with hand and foot.

At the Oryol Economic Forum, the KPRF put forward a well-constructed program to lead Russia out of the dead-end, into which it was chased by those who steer our economy relying on American ‘road maps’. Ten concrete points of this program have received the complete support of scholarly economists, the All-Russian Soviet of Workers’ Collectives, the teachers’ and medical societies, the studentship and other layers of society.

This program is backed up by the great achievements of the USSR, when, for the first time in history, free education and health care was guaranteed for each and every. When worthy salaries and low rents existed. When every person could receive affordable housing and an inexpensive but quality vacation. When everyone was pleased with the absence of drug abuse and the marvelous opportunities for the pursuit of sciences, art or sport. At the base of our program is the idea that the riches of Russia must be given back to the people.

Along with that, we are inspired by the best of world achievements, by the experience of communists in China and Vietnam, fraternal Belarus, which display beautiful examples of the synthesis of planned and market economies.

Nevertheless, it must be understood that we are not the only ones preparing for the elections. United Russia is diligently trying to clean up its fairly dampened appearance by organizing diverse ‘primaries’ à la americano and getting rid of people with a criminal reputation. Behind the smoke screen of promises of fair elections, once again maximum usage of administrative resources is in preparation, or said in a simpler way, the unrestrainable pressure on our activists, observers and journalists is about to unfold.

The accomplices of United Russia are working hard, having completely covered the country in its posters, crammed it with its agitation production. Moreover, various false ‘communist’ parties are taking pains to haul up onto our electoral field with the help of the government, as well as pro-government parties that are attempting to take advantage of the theme of patriotism.

This means that the elections will take place in very difficult conditions of rigid political struggle. Consequently, the necessity lies in the utmost mobilization of all of the party’s resources and the energetic work of each one of our activists and supporters. We do not have time for dithering. The ruling gang has moved the elections to an extremely uncomfortable time, since in the summer people take their vacation, and in the beginning of fall they are busy with the harvest and work at their cottage homes and gardens. For that reason, the main part of our pre-election efforts must be implemented in the next months.

We call upon not only our party members, but rather upon all working people, our allies, to take part in the work, which is the spreading of agitation materials of the KPRF and the propaganda of our anti-crisis program. It is of particular importance to actively enlarge the circle of party supporters. Only on the basis of a tight connexion of the party to the people, as this has always been characteristic of communists, we will be able to reach success even under the toughest conditions.

The people’s dissatisfaction with the worsening of its position is strengthening. The history of humankind shows that the economic crisis unavoidably escalates into a political crisis. And we must do everything to mobilise the energy of the masses to support the authentic popular powers with the KPRF at the head. We must not allow the party in power to use the September elections for the preservation of the bankrupted course.

The patriotic forces have a clear program for the rebirth of the country. We have a united party of like-minded persons, a large base of popular support. We feel the growing help from our allies. We must embody these factors in the real results at the elections.

The communists had always been models of resilience and self-sacrifice in the struggle for the interests of the people. Let us be inspired by the appearance of the great predecessors, who have built socialism, destroyed fascism and opened a new cosmic era for the humankind!

Together we will win!


Chairman of KPRF CC

G.A. Zyuganov.


*referencing the Platon program, see:



Translated from:

Originally published on 10.03.2016 by the Press-Service of the KPRF CC.

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