St. Petersburg Police Stopped a Fight between Vegans and LGBT Activists

vegans vs lgbtAt the May 1st demonstration, the police of St. Petersburg had to pull apart the fighting vegans and LGBT activists. The animals’ rights activists did not like how, during the procession, advocates for sexual minorities unfurled rainbow flags, reports Novaya Gazeta

At the First of May march in St. Petersburg, LGBT activists joined a column of the ‘green block’, in which vegetarians and animals’ rights activists also took part. The sexual minority representatives were permitted to walk in the ‘green block’ on the condition that, ‘due to safety concerns’, they will not show any rainbow-coloured symbols.

However, the LGBT activists broke the deal with the greens and unfurled their flags. After the LGBT rights’ activists did not give in to the persuasion of their green block comrades to hide their banners, what was known as the ‘green block’ developed into a brawl.

Dmitriy Veganov, representing the vegan organisation V-Club, forcefully took away the rainbow flag from an LGBT activist and broke the flagpole. “The members of the green block were so afraid for their own fate that this led to acts of aggression. If they were to be in our place in some parallel universe, they would be welcome to join our column and portray their symbolism”, says Ol’ga Bahayeva, cited by Novaya Gazeta.

The freshly-activated punch-up was suppressed by the police’s actions. They arrested four demonstrators carrying rainbow flags. Novaya Gazeta reports that the ‘green block’ representatives do not regret what had happened, saying that the LGBT activists’ prank was provocative and base.



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