New Horizons of Russia’s Militarism

new horizons of russian militarism 1In April, the medias reported that as of September 1 of this year a new child organisation of the Ministry of Defence, Yunarmiya (ru: Youth Army) will start operating. This new step of Russian militarism brings to an end the era of unruly chauvinist propaganda and opens up the era, in which the systemic education of the Russian nation is conducted in the spirit of military imperialist aggression from the classroom.

For some time now, it is possible to buy a military uniform for a child. Camouflage is no longer perceived as work wear, it is now a fashion trend. Military fetishes have completely conquered the market and the consumers’ hearts. The State’s peace program implies the entire country’s conversion into barracks, where along with the mother’s milk the infant must absorb the notion of love for the ruling classes and of unity with the exploiters and must be ready to give his life for the profit of petrol barons.

If the country is becoming an army then the whole State apparatus must reconfigure itself to a war footing. The President is more and more often appearing in the guise of the Supreme Commander, whose power is absolute and does not have anything in common with the democracy play-time. ‘Public dialogue’ has no place in the barracks-country, neither do other fetishes of bourgeois parliamentarism. The veil of democratic decency should be thrown off. In the barracks-country, everyone must know the foreign and domestic enemies and hate them. Those who refuse to hate the foreign ones and, especially, the domestic ones become enemies themselves.

new horizons of russian militarism 2

Agressive militarist japan (1937)

On the world market, Russia’s defence industry is second only to the USA. It is the arms industry that allows the ruling classes of the ‘resurgent nation’ to feel like they are something big, rather than just a raw materials appendage. In the current conditions of the stagnating price of petrol, the arms industry has become a life-saver for the Russian slave-owners. The main competitive advantage of the ‘weak’ imperialist is the cruel domestic regime, which permits the mobilization of resources for the benefit of fighting for outlet markets, without having to fear revolts and disregarding the victims, which may be sacrificed at will. Perhaps, only the uncommon post-Soviet passivity of the working class under the conditions of deindustrialisation has saved Russia from an open terrorist dictatorship of the capitalists.

There is no smoke without fire: if the capitalists are saturating all social public with stuffy military spirit and are forcing the pupils to get used to military marches already in the classrooms, the bloody meat grinder of military adventures will set in motion its reliably-oiled patriotic propaganda millstones time and again. There is no power other than the power of the working class, which could resist with word and deed against the imperialists’ of all countries attempts to ignite another wildfire. The elegant shapes and brilliant new models of new military technology by their sinister look alone, jokingly pose a question to the humankind: socialisme ou barbarie, a realm of freedom or a nuclear winter…



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Originally published on 23.05.2016 on the left-wing news platform .

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