Rostov Miners Declare Hunger Strike as Pay is Withheld

miners rostovRostov-on-the-Don, August 23. In Rostov oblast, the miners of the mining company, Kingcoal, announced the start of a mass unlimited hunger strike. The miners decided to take such measures due to multi-month delays in the payout of the salary.

More than 100 miners are participating in the action. They demand that the company’s management fully repays the wage arrears, which accounts to more than 300 million rubles (approx. 4.6 million USD). It is indicated that the salary must be paid out to 2.2 thousand persons, which worked at the mines Rostovskaya, Almaznaya, Zamchalovskaya and Gukovskaya. Currently, these mines are declared bankrupt.

The representatives of the miners have reported that the Almaznaya mine has equipment for a total value of 200 million rubles, however, its sale alone will not be enough to pay off the debt to the miners.

Let us remind you, that earlier it was reported that mining complexes, belonging to the mining company Kingcoal in Rostov oblast, are about to make official their bankruptcy. Rostov oblast’s prosecutor’s office has already opened a criminal case against the general director of OOO Kingcoal, Vladimir Pozhidayev. He is being accused of abuse of authority for personal gain, which entailed the failure to pay the salaries to the employees.

The governor of the region is currently searching for solutions to the problem. According to him, it is not possible to allocate to the miners 300 million rubles from the reserve fund, nevertheless, the authorities are analysing other possibilities of solving this issue…



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Originally published on 23.08.2016 on (Federal News Agency).

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