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Yakutsk: A Tricolour Cake Meant for Orphans Was Eaten by Officials

Yakutsk government officials ate a tricolour-themed (a.k.a. Russian flag) cake, which was baked expressly for the Federal Flag Day celebration. Children from the local orphanage, seniors and all interested were invited to the celebration, yet only the officials got to … Continue reading

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Jirinovsky Talking Geopolitics …

[Translator’s note: Although this article is politically irrelevant to the content of Left Russia, it can be used to understand Russian parliamentary ultra-nationalism and its main proponent apart from giving you a good laugh and a glimpse into Russian geopolitics … Continue reading

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St. Petersburg Police Stopped a Fight between Vegans and LGBT Activists

At the May 1st demonstration, the police of St. Petersburg had to pull apart the fighting vegans and LGBT activists. The animals’ rights activists did not like how, during the procession, advocates for sexual minorities unfurled rainbow flags, reports Novaya … Continue reading

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Museum of Mao Tse-tung will open in the Musin-Pushkin Country Estate

In July, a Chinese cultural centre will open in the main house of the Musin-Pushkin estate, located in Moscow’s Troickiy administrative district. This was announced by the mayor and Moscow government’s internet page. “The collection for the exhibition will be … Continue reading

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To Increase the Demographics, the Mufti of Stavropol’ Suggested to Allow Polygyny

Muhhamad-hadzhi Rahimov believes that since the Qur’an allows it, it should also be written into secular law. The Mufti of Stavropol’, Muhammad-hadzhi Rahimov suggested to introduce polygyny into Russian society. The clergyman believes that such a measure may substantially better … Continue reading

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Stalin Has Become More Attractive for Russian Citizens

Russian citizens’ admiration and support for the politics of Joseph Stalin has increased in the last years, writes Interfaks, citing the results of a Levada-centr survey. 34% of Russian Federation citizens believe that “regardless of the mistakes and vices that … Continue reading

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Astakhov Suggests Creating Pensioner Patrols to Watch over Families

The organisation of such groups should be tasked to municipal governments, believes the Russian Federation President’s Attaché for Children’s Rights. Pensioners could ensure the oversight of some families in order to prevent tragedies, said the RF President’s Attaché for Children’s … Continue reading

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