Statement to the Public from the Striking Workers of OOO “ПДК” (EMEX)

To suppress the circulation of lies and disinformation.

striking workers EMEX

On December 22, a street press conference was organised by the striking workers in front of the warehouse of OOO “ПДК” (EMEX). The protesters read their statement to the clients, suppliers and co-workers of ПДК (EMEX).

Let us remind you that the EMEX workers’ strike began on the night of 9-10 December 2015. The protest was provoked by the EMEX owners’ ill-fated decision to play around with the employee payment system. As a result of that, the employees’ salaries fell by about a third.

“We must address you”, declared the protesters in their speech, “in order to suppress that circulation of lies and disinformation, which is spread to hurt us by the administration of the company, as well as to explain the real goals and reasons for our strike.

The medias write about us, as if we would be aiming to earn around 70 000 – 150 000 rub. All we actually want is a 75% raise of our tiny salary, which, right now, stands at 15 000 rub. Where numbers such as 70 000 rub. and other delirious ideas are taken from, remains unknown to us, since the average income of a warehouse operator for the month of November has been at 35 000 rub.

There is talk that only 22% of the workers are participating in the strike, but in the given moment, there are actually 120 out of almost 160 warehouse operators striking.

There is also hearsay that we are not capable of negotiating and are using rough blackmail techniques; nevertheless, these are brazen lies. For more than a month we have been looking to achieve nothing more than negotiations and a strike has become our last final, to which we have been forced by the lack of income and the unwillingness of the management to listen to us.

Not one of us has insurance that would cover our current miserable position. For that reason, we call upon all to support us or, at the very least, show understanding toward our strike.”

Strike committee of ООО «ПДК»

The deputy head of the company’s security service, Sergey Vorotilin, was present at the action. At first, he wanted to enlighten the workers that they do not have any rights, but when people started filming him, he tried to cover the lens with his hand. Unsuccesful in that plight, Vorotilin left the location where the action took place. We do not know why Vorotilin shies away from the camera, but can assume two theories:

  1. Vorotilin may be searched for by the police.
  2. Vorotilin may be embarrassed for his nasty handling of the workers.



Translated from:

Originally published on 22.12.2015 as a press release by the Strike committee of ООО «ПДК».

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