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Tragedy in Vorkuta!

During the day of February 25, in Vorkuta, at the Severnaya mine, an explosion resonated at a depth of 780 m – an explosion of methane. At the time of the incident there were 110 persons on the mine’s premises, … Continue reading

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Resolution of the Russian Maoist Party Regarding the break-up of Ukraine, Crimea and Novorossiya

The current events in Ukraine are leading to the establishment of a Ukranian national state. In itself, it is a progressive process, which has, however, been realised in quite an undesirable way, with a splash of reactionary ideologies (chauvinism of … Continue reading

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No to the oppression of sexual minorities! Yes to the concerns for the real needs of the people!

The deputies of RuSSia’s [sic] federal Duma continue to support the processes of their bureaucratic thinking at the expense of the workers; processes which are completely useless and often even harmful for our suffering people. V. Bulavinov, G. Raykov, D. … Continue reading

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Regarding ICOR’s Four Resolutions

Regarding ICOR’s pact of solidarity with the Kurdish independence struggle. We approve of this pact. Our cooperation with the Kurdish movement and the spread of reactionary islamic currents among the Arabs does not justify ICOR’s lack of attention to the … Continue reading

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Resolution Regarding the Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM)

MIM’s accusations against the RCP USA, stating that the latter works for the CIA, are unfounded and absurd. The persistent striving to substitute the political question with questions of spying and recruitment is erroneous and serves to disorient the left … Continue reading

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The Preliminary Program of the Russian Maoist Party (RPM)

09.06.2000 Accepted on June 9, 2000. Updated on January 3-4 and May 21, 2004.   Ideology and Methods We are Marxists. We believe that the legacy of classical Marxism in all of its main instances adequately reflects social processes that … Continue reading

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Museum of Mao Tse-tung will open in the Musin-Pushkin Country Estate

In July, a Chinese cultural centre will open in the main house of the Musin-Pushkin estate, located in Moscow’s Troickiy administrative district. This was announced by the mayor and Moscow government’s internet page. “The collection for the exhibition will be … Continue reading

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We are the Russian Maoist Party, the Party of Rednecks, Dirty Migrants, Chicks and Faggots

We are the Russian Maoist Party, the party of rednecks, dirty migrants, chicks and faggots. That is what the bourgeoisie named us. If only it were not half-blind and could tell us apart – us little, dumb, wicked inbreds. Well, … Continue reading

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Interview with an Activist of the Workers’ Platform, Andrey Zavodskiy

As we had written earlier, our editorial board contacted the representatives of the organisation Workers’ Platform (RP), whose founding conference took place at the end of August. At this conference, RP practically declared itself an independent political group. Representing the … Continue reading

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