SDK’s Transitional Program, Part I

We present our readers with the program of transitional demands of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan (Qazaqstannın Socialistik Qozghalısı/Socialisticheskoye Dvizheniye Kazahstana), adopted at the congress in Bishkek on Jun. 30 – Jul. 1. In the coming time, this document will be published in the form of a bilingual brochure. As of now, we present the document in Russian language for workers’ and social movements’ activists.

Kazakhstan socialist movement


The Programme of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan (Transitional)


More petrol and more workers’ blood!

With such a slogan it is possible to describe in one sentence both the situation and the current elite’s and the dominant castes’ methods of ruling over Kazakhstan. It is no longer possible to reach the previous levels of plunder of the nation and the unheard of exploitation of workers without murdering, arresting and repressing widely. Everything is mixed up, both petrol and blood, in the game of interests of the patriotic partisan and Komsomol leaders, who have become oligarchs and latifundists, on one hand, and of the political establishment united with the industrialists of Western countries, who support such a regime, as it provides for stable surplus profit, on the other hand. In this design Yelbası [kz: leader of the nation, Nursultan Nazarbayev’s nickname] plays a key role, the contemporary imperialism prays for him.

By publicly demonstrating his young offspring before an audience, Nazarbayev shows the elite factions, even the whole society, that he is not planning to surrender his throne on the imperious Olympus. The cult of long-life, the building of specialized medical institutes, the search for the ‘elixir of youth’; all of this clearly shows the desire of the decrepit Yelbası to remain in power and to cheat time, as well as to maintain the system that he built and the country’s neocolonial model of development.

Unstable ‘stability’

At the same moment, the main predators started lurking at the foot of the throne, after they had caught scent of the reigning old man’s weakness – the Janaozen massacre and his personal health problems –, they are hoping to start an open fight for the inheritance. They are already ready to tear the country into pieces, and only the fear of a popular rebellion as well as of the despot’s bloodlust compels them to somewhat moderate their appetites and remain near his bed, as they nurture their most detailed plans of palace coups. Now, many are trying to secretly arrange agreements with one another in order to mark the contours of the country’s future structure in the case of the ‘Great Nursultan’s’ sudden leave due to illness or the occurrence of an “accident”. Some, such as Imangali Tasmagambetov or Aslan Musin, do not even try to hide their ambitions.

Despite the founding of the new Central-Asian wonder of ‘guided democracy’, in more specific terms of a “three-handed” or, if we are to use the official language, a ‘multi-party’ Majilis [parliament], it has not provided stability for the whole system and the signs of its gradual stagnation are present. Any new political crisis of the Janaozen type, in which the enraged masses step onto the podium, has the capacity to break down the walls of the entire building in one hour. And now, Yelbası and his entourage are ruling on account of the bloody dictatorship of the police, rather than by virtue of an oligarchic parliamentarism. The current Majilis is as much a sham as the previous one. While parliamentary parties are summoned to demonstrate for the Occident the presence of progress toward ‘democracy’, in which Nur Otan [Nazarbayev’s party] represents the centre, the liberal-right-wing Ak Jol represents the party of industrialists and entrepreneurs and the Kosarev-led regal courtier-like communists – the ‘left opposition’.

Just like KNPK (Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan), the role of the other marionettes, although already in the sphere of labour relations, impersonated by the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan (FPK) and the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KSPK), is the same. It is the glossing over and maximum concealment of truth from the workers, their disorganisation, disorientation and demoralization. These ‘federations’ and ‘confederations’ serving in practice the regime and the employers, have not said a word about the upcoming amendments to the Labour Code, just as they are keeping silent regarding the awaited retirement age raise for women to 63 and for men to 68 years. The yellow union bosses do not even recall the intentions of Ak Orda [reference to Nazarbayev’s party] to introduce a 60-hour work-week, meaning to legitimise a 12-hour work-day.

Bullets instead of bread and jails instead of freedom

But this does no longer suffices and no longer functions, since Nursultan Abishevich very well understands that the masses don’t believe the words of Vladislav Kosarev [Chairman of KNPK], Siyazbek Mukashev [Chairman of FPK], Sergey Belkin [Chairman of KSPK] and the other various clowns and marionettes of the authorities. Therefore, the ‘velvet dictatorship’, which Hillary Clinton loves so much, turned into a bloody tyranny modelled upon the cruelest East Asian regimes on December 16 of last year in Janaozen. The petrol industry workers, who were on strike for almost 8 months, were intentionally executed with automatic weapons, with sniper rifles and with machine guns shooting from armoured police vehicles, the goal being to induce fear into all of the country’s workers and, especially, their fellow labourers from the petrol and mining industries.

Yet this intimidation may turn against those, who are currently trying to fill the factories, the fabrics and our cities’ boulevards with blood. In this way, the authorities are pushing the workers’ resistance underground, driving workers’ organisations and groups into illegal channels, which cannot not lead to the radicalisation of the workers’ general mood. In this case, explosions in the workplaces of the most diverse industry branches this year are simply unavoidable.

Yelbası’s friends from other countries are lauding the former First Secretary of CK KPK (Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan) for the ‘unprecedented democratisation’ of the political system, by way of admitting several parties to the parliament, and stress the ‘progressive amendments’ to the Labour Code, while rewarding our government with an offer to speed up Kazakhstan’s accession to the WTO! First of all, this is being done to receive additional preferences and benefits for their corporations, for even bigger opportunities to extract and export our country’s natural resources for a ridiculously low price, to pitilessly exploit our workers in exchange for ‘forgiveness’ of our regime’s bloody crimes. The Ak Orda understands this game and plays with the ‘weaknesses’ of European and American industrialists, while collaborating with them to draft contracts, destined to cripple the country. This is why the Occident needs more of our petrol and Nazarbayev needs more our workers’ blood! This system simply cannot function and remain in power in any other way.

For this reason 49 politically-active workers from Janaozen and Shetpe were arrested and brought before court in Aktau because they dared to pronounce against the tyranny of Chinese and domestic employers, because they encroached on the right to private property, demanding nationalisation and workers’ control. But first and foremost, because in their resolution at the demonstration in Janaozen on December 16, they wanted to call upon all of the country’s workers to enter a general strike with the demand being the resignation of the government and the president.

Under no condition could Yelbası forgive the petrol industry workers for this! The lesson to learn from this is that the workers do not have any possibilities to solve their labour disputes, aside from participating in the political struggle with the aim of eliminating such a political system that prohibits strikes, rallies, assemblies, unions and imprisons workers’ leaders. The history of the workers’ movement in Latin America during the period of right-wing dictatorships, in South Africa, Indonesia, Egypt and Tunisia shows that the workers’ movement will not remain on the sidelines in this situation and sooner or later will respond to State terror.

Part II will follow….


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  1. PC Panamá says:

    Saludos comunistasEstimados camaradas maoístas rusos,para nosotros, acá en Panamá como para toda todos los comunistas marxistas-leninistas-Pensamiento Mao Tse-tung latinoamericanos, además de ser timbre de orgullo, el que nos den la oportunidad de trasmitir la visión y opiniones estratégicas y tácticas del desarrollo de la lucha de clases en Rusia y en,los espacios territoriales de la otrora Unión Soviética.desde la perspectiva marxista-leninista-maoísta, permanentemente preocupados del desarrollo de  la lucha de clases y de la revolución proletaria allí, nos congratulamos por el honor que nos dan.. El que nos hayan hecho el honor de poder  divulgar sus opiniones  nos engradence y se lo agradecemos. Lástima que el traductor de Google no sirve de nada. Por lo que le rogaríamos, si pueden enviar la información, si no en castellano, en francés o italiano. Suyos, ¡Con los cinco Maestros venceremos!

    El Viernes, 27 de mayo, 2016 9:37:39, Left Russia. escribió:

    #yiv1954362747 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv1954362747 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv1954362747 a.yiv1954362747primaryactionlink:link, #yiv1954362747 a.yiv1954362747primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv1954362747 a.yiv1954362747primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv1954362747 a.yiv1954362747primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv1954362747 | krasnajasvoboda posted: “We present our readers with the program of transitional demands of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan (Qazaqstannın Socialistik Qozghalısı/Socialisticheskoye Dvizheniye Kazahstana), adopted at the congress in Bishkek on Jun. 30 – Jul. 1. In the coming t” | |


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