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Russia: Great Fatherland Party (PVO) Removed from Ballot

The federal list of the Great Fatherland Party (PVO), led by the writer, Nikolay Starikov, has been removed from the upcoming electoral list for the Russian Federal Duma. 14% of signatures in support of PVO have been declared invalid, whereas … Continue reading

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Racism and Xenophobia: Results of January 2016

In January 2016 we are in the know regarding at least three individuals, who have been victims of racist and xenophobically motivated attacks. In Moscow, in a commuter train going from Kievskiy train station to ‘Aprelevka’ station, a group of … Continue reading

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Museum of Mao Tse-tung will open in the Musin-Pushkin Country Estate

In July, a Chinese cultural centre will open in the main house of the Musin-Pushkin estate, located in Moscow’s Troickiy administrative district. This was announced by the mayor and Moscow government’s internet page. “The collection for the exhibition will be … Continue reading

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Interview with an Activist of the Workers’ Platform, Andrey Zavodskiy

As we had written earlier, our editorial board contacted the representatives of the organisation Workers’ Platform (RP), whose founding conference took place at the end of August. At this conference, RP practically declared itself an independent political group. Representing the … Continue reading

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Sergey Biyec: “OKP no longer exists. What remains is not capable of action, yet RRP will continue the work”

The following is an interview with Sergey Biyec, leader of the Revolutionary Workers’ Party (RRP), which announced at the end of August its exit from the United Communist Party (OKP). OKP was a party, which was founded as a result … Continue reading

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[Photo Report] Italian Fascists from Nessuna Resa together with their ‘Antifascist’ Moscow Comrades

    Originally published on 12.01.2016 on vk.com-based portal Antifashistskoye Dvizheniye.

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The Patriarch Does not Consider a Tragedy the Economic Crisis in Russia

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’, Kirill, called upon Russian citizens to not lose heart due to the economic difficulties in the country. He mentioned this in an interview that will be translated on Thursday on Rossiya 1 tv … Continue reading

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Moscow Leads by the Number of Victims of Assault by Nationalists for 2015

In 2015, 9 persons died and 68 were injured in 17 regions of Russia in attacks by ultra-right devotees. Moscow (Federal City) became the leading region for the number of attacks owing to xenophobia and ethnic intolerance. According to the … Continue reading

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Regarding the ‘Russian Run’

Unnoticed by strangers, a curious event worthwhile mentioning took place in the centre of Moscow. The so-called Russkaya probezhka (Russian Run) took place on the morning of January 1, 2016 through the centre of Moscow (from the Cathedral of Christ … Continue reading

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Literature Students Protested against Lectures Given by Dugin and Enteo

On Friday, December 25, a group of students of the A.M. Gor’kiy Literature Institute in Moscow conducted the first action of the campaign titled ‘For access to awareness, against conservative terror!’. The students demonstrated against the invitation of Aleksandr Dugin … Continue reading

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